Posted by: Danielle Brigida | April 5, 2009

We Need Your Photos- Any Will Do!

Irreplaceable Wildlife’s effort has been collecting photos for several months and needs your help! While attending the exhibit is important, we are hoping that we can collect 1,000 photos to make a beautiful polar bear mosaic to give to congress. Do you have photos? I think you do! Please help us and send them to us today.

Send us any photo that fits the guidelines!

Want to participate? Send us your photo here!

Guidelines: Your photo is more likely to be used if it is a high quality image (at least 640×400), is not over-exposed, and is a landscape orientation. Please only submit photos of yourself, or you and a few friends who have agreed to be part of the campaign. Please include your name, city, and state, and we’ll help you find yourself in the finished mosaic!

By submitting your photo, you understand that it may be used in the Irreplaceable Photo Petition Project, and give permission for your image to be shown publicly for the purposes of the campaig

Thanks! Can’t wait til we send this to congress!


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