Posted by: Danielle Brigida | April 15, 2009

The Pika May Overheat due to Changing Climate

Pika from Irreplaceable's Exhibit

Pika from Irreplaceable's Exhibit

The American pika may just join the ranks of the polar bear, one of the few animals documented at risk from global warming. This important decision will be made by The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service by May 1 whether to consider whether the pika needs to be on the endangered species list.

“Covered year-round in heavy fur, pikas are highly susceptible to overheating, and when temperatures climb above 75 degrees Fahrenheit, they can die in less than an hour.”

“The polar bear is already listed because of threats of global warming. The pika could be next. And more petitions naming climate change as a cause of species decline are likely in the coming years, said Dan Ashe, science adviser to the head of the Fish and Wildlife Service.”

The pika is running out of habitat, as a mountain dweller it depends heavily on cool temperatures that keep it from overheating. As the mountain tops are getting warming, pikas must move to higher elevation– but they are now running out of room. With no more mountain to climb, they are stuck!

Find out about more irreplaceable wildlife at risk from climate change…


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