Posted by: Danielle Brigida | April 22, 2009

Earth Day: U.S. Senator Klobuchar speaks out against climate change

U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota spoke at a press conference today to commemorate Earth Day and raise awareness about the devastating effects climate change poses to our environment and wildlife. Sen. Klobuchar’s speech highlighted the responsibilities we all share in protecting our planet and all its inhabitants.

Planet Earth“Earth Day is a reminder that we are stewards of the world and it is our responsibility to protect our natural resources for future generations,” said Klobuchar.  “The challenge of climate change presents enormous opportunities – opportunities to create new jobs, to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and to protect our fish, wildlife and natural resources.”

Irreplaceable: Wildlife in a Warming World visited Sen. Klobuchar’s home state of Minnesota in October – November 2008. Check out this amazing photo exhibit online, and see which species are most at risk from climate change in your region.

Happy Earthday from Irreplaceable: Wildlife in a Warming World!


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