Posted by: Danielle Brigida | May 6, 2009

The Future of Salmon

A comprehensive report in the Idaho Statesman this week highlights the impact climate change is having on salmon. Thinking about the future of salmon, it’s hard to be optimistic. Salmon are greatly at risk from the changing climate since they depend heavily on cold water. They cannot survive extended exposure to stream temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

The “red” or sockeye salmon (pictured) are already extinct over much of their range largely because of warmer water in spawning and rearing streams.

While efforts to protect the salmon have been helpful –in fact it’s one of the luckiest endangered species when it comes to funding  receiving, the species is in great danger unless it learns to adapt to warmer water temperatures. The impact that climate change could have on salmon is set to be devastating unless we can help them adapt to warmer climates.

“The only salmon that are going to survive the century mark are the ones in the large populations in the higher elevations that are still going to have snow and cold water,” said Jim Martin, a former chief of fisheries for the state of Oregon.

Salmon face threats as it is. Do your part to keep them out of hot water. Visitt today to find out how you can help.



  1. It may be quite difficult to keep the salmon out of warm waters due to global warming, but I do not intend to leave them on their own only to become extinct. We may be able to help the salmon by introducing them to new areas with colder temperatures while not disturbing other predators. In the long run, we should just stop global warming. However, that may not be an option due to the fact that the salmon may have a very limited amount of time to live and cannot wait for global efforts to stop global warming.

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